By: Gwen Galloway

Reports are coming in from various countries across the globe about numerous communications network failures. Countries with reported problems include: China, Russia, Finland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, UK, France, Canada, and the United States. Notably, these countries are the leaders in world technological advancements and disbursement, with military leaders examining the possibilities of a coordinated attack from within the circle of affected nations.

Testimony and evidence have come in citing disruption in internet access, hacking of news sites, online magazines, individual social media accounts, satellites, and government databases. The attacks seem to have no specific pattern, save for the countries specifically targeted. Despite the sporadic nature of the disruptions, the specificity of the countries involved have left the world’s foremost analysts with an enigma.

Russell Forrest, Senior Analyst for the National Counterterrorism Center Forrest had this to say, “It’s troubling. The leading theory was Russia either purposely or perhaps experimentally tampering with electronic communications in an effort to learn more about our own military operations and plans for Icarus2.” However, that theory appears to have been disproven, as Forrest and his team of analysts found no proof that Russia was the root of the problem.

“Right now we don’t have any evidence to suggest this was a coordinated attack by any one country or countries.” Forrest continued, “We’re currently looking into other options.”

Other options include solar flares or EMPs (electromagnetic pulse) that have been documented to cause smaller scale failures in global technological communications. Solar flares are caused by buildup and sudden release of magnetic stress within the solar atmosphere above gigantic magnetic poles that we see as sun spots. In turn, solar flares can cause magnetic storms similar to the 1989 storm that affected the city of Quebec, Canada, resulting in a massive citywide blackout.

Nuclear experiments and testing have also been the cause of electromagnetic damage and blackouts, such as the one that occurred on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in 1962. The resulting electromagnetic pulse that followed the blast at a nuclear testing site was cited as the cause of the blackout, leading politicians to begin discussing the power of potential EMP attacks as a weaponized unit.

However, according to various researchers with the National Defense University, an EMP attack by another country or countries is highly unlikely.

Experts continue to be baffled by the fact no solar flares or EMP blasts have been recently observed or documented from other countries. While Russia’s previously military movement has been reported and continues to be observed, there’s been no documentation of testing of nuclear weapons, nor the deployment of such devices.

The cause behind the global communications failures is still under investigation.