By Zara ‘ZZ” Zafir

Dr. Samuel James Victors died yesterday after a month-long battle with sudden onset hydrocephalus.

He was born in Youngstown, OH on November 24, 1967. Victors worked as an astrophysicist for LightSpan, a subsidiary company of Foresight Corporation for 12 years. He spent his extra time working with the Young Scientists of Ohio during their summer program as a part-time astronomy professor.

SEZ has followed his work looking for possible ties to the Icarus2 asteroid, which is on a collision course with Earth. Dr. Victors never worked on any of the Icarus2 projects or even spoke of it, but as a researcher set on connecting the dots for you, I’m not satisfied with letting sleeping dogs lie. Is it a coincidence that Dr. Victors (the leading authority on astrophysics in the Midwest) is no longer around just weeks after the existence of the Icarus2 asteroid was announced? Is it a coincidence that not only is Dr. Victors gone, but so is Professor Samantha Laurence, analyst Vihaan Malhotra, and Barbara Shu?

Professor Laurence, a chemist, passed away 3 months ago from a tragic car accident. Vihaan Malhotra passed away in his sleep after retiring from the telecommunications giant ATISAT a year ago, and Barbara Shu, a mathematician, was pronounced missing as of two days ago. The times of their deaths and disappearances don’t match up to any world events, but this reporter is not a believer in coincidences and I won’t stop looking for answers.

Dr. Samuel Victors is survived by his husband Brian and dog RJ.