By: Shane Thomas Scott

 (GLOBAL NEWS) – As the U.S. government begins the transition to welcoming their new Presidential administration into the White House, Foresight Corporation has taken various steps forward in preparation for the impending arrival of Asteroid Icarus2. Foresight has already developed various fallout shelters and community projects in the U.S. and Mexico (home of CEO Lorena Payan), causing some mild friction between the company and the new Presidential Administration.

Recently Foresight began expanding their fallout shelter program into parts of Central and South America, along with the Caribbean Islands. They have successfully set up various fallout shelters with the permission of each country’s government.

“It wasn’t easy, and it’s still not easy, let me tell you,” said a Foresight representative stationed in Argentina in charge with handling the fallout project. “Even in times like these politics come into play. We’d like to believe people could, you know, get along and all. Guess that’s not realistic, but it’s not impossible either.”

Currently Foresight has built hundreds of fallout shelters – ranging in size, and capacity – across a majority of North and South America.

“We focused on South and Central America as they are typically the first to be forgotten in a global disaster narrative and initiative. The people here are near invisible and we wanted to make sure they knew someone saw them.” As read in a statement released by Foresight CEO Lorena Payan. “Rest assured,” her address continued, “our focus isn’t solely on just those parts of the world, but the entire planet. We are dedicated to helping as many people as we can. We don’t believe in the impossible at Foresight.”

Their fallout plans have begun to trickle into parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Russian government has refused Foresight’s offer to even share parts of their plans, claiming they are well equipped to deal with the impending disaster. A similar situation has occurred in North Korea. The Australian government has made no statements in regards to whether they are interested in accepting Foresight’s aid.

The next step for Foresight? Begin preparing for the impact of Asteroid Icarus2.

Respected Geologist Thelma Collier stated in a recent press conference, “Fallout shelters can only do so much. It’s an unfortunate fact the worlds governments are going to have to deal with. Hunkering down underground sounds all well and good, until we think about what might happen to our surface.”

Collier is speaking of potential earthquakes, poisonous gases, fires, and other damage that could affect the landscape. “It is less likely the dinosaurs died because of a big explosion caused by an asteroid, and more likely they were killed by how that asteroid affected our surface.” She continued.

Foresight has confirmed they are currently looking into potential options for how to deal with any probable changes to our surface, post-asteroid impact.

“We have some of the best scientists in the world working around the clock on this.,” a representative from Foresight told us, “It’s a real concern that needs to be addressed before Icarus2 hits. Most people are only focusing on the “if” of survival. We’re looking beyond that.”