Inept Presidential tweets

“I just want to know why our former president didn’t see this asteroid coming… SUSPICIOUS.”


“It’s no surprise GLOBAL NOW covers Foolish Foresight supposedly helping the public more than our strong government. No integrity or patriotism…”


“Lorena Payan from Mexico doesn’t seem to be doing anything about these cultists terrorizing US citizens. Overstepping but doing nothing!”


“Stay calm citizens! As president, I can guarantee we have MANY scientists on our side. This asteroid will not win!”


“Thanks SEZ for the exclusive on Foresight’s SILENCE. Keep an eye on @WhiteHouse with more info on #Icarus2PrepSteps.”


“Senator Dalton is right to say he doesnt “trust any company that deals with Mexico without transparency”. Get REAL answers from White House!”


“Aliens or Fake Saviors? This POTUS believes in real threats. Little Green Men don’t scare me! False help from Mexican corporations, though. SCARY!”


“Citizens: If you don’t trust the government, you can’t trust anyone! We have HUGE resources against asteroids. TREMENDOUS resources.”


“Don’t listen to FAKE news like Global Now. Follow @WhiteHouse for updates on (unnecesary, but we’ll bite) safety precautions.”


“Rumors arent true! Military mobilization isnt for asteroid. Its 4 training against REAL threats. Count on our scientists to destroy Icarus2!”